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While the novel coronavirus threatens global health, seniors and those with underlying health conditions are at higher risk for this virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 50% of the deaths caused by Covid-19 were seniors. This is mainly because older adults have weaker immune systems, thus, making them more vulnerable. With this, officials are urging everyone to practice social distancing in order to help curb the spread of Covid-19. 

However, while social distancing helps in reducing the risk of seniors from Covid-19, it can also leave them vulnerable to boredom and social isolation; which may lead to loneliness, depression, weakening mental and physical health, and many others. It is important for the family members and caregivers to introduce them to activities that can be safely done while social distancing. 

Phone and video calls

The best way to battle loneliness while practicing social distancing is to make seniors feel that they are not alone and you are in this together. Calling family members over phone or video calling them is a great way to show your love to one another.

Learn new skills

It is never too late to learn new skills. Or relive the skills that you already had but kept dormant as you grow older. Remember cross-stitching? Get a fabric, needles, threads and other materials and start working on your pattern. There are also coloring books that you can work on. Or maybe try painting. These are not just a simple way to kill time away, but it also helps improve your motor skills and offers a boost in your mental health.

Grocery shopping online

Take advantage of the advanced technology; if you can’t go out to do your usual grocery shopping, then why not do it online? You can visit AmazonFresh, Tesco or any other online shopping sites that best suits you. Almost everything that you will need is available in these online shops. The platforms are user-friendly so you will surely enjoy adding groceries on your cart.

Stay active indoors

Keeping yourself physically fit amidst the threat of novel coronavirus is important. Don’t skip your usual exercises. Do this at the comfort of your home or room. To make the activity more fun and enjoyable, do a virtual group exercise with your friends through skype, zoom, or any other video calling platforms. If you are attending a yoga class, check out your yoga school as most of them are having yoga class online.

Try a new recipe 

What better way to spend your alone time at home than to spend it cooking? You can make so many different recipes from online. 

Home quarantine and maintaining social distance with others is a new experience to most older adults and can create mixed emotions including frustration, boredom, and even anger. Keeping yourself busy is the key to fight the loneliness of self-isolation. Maintaining a daily routine also helps in giving you a sense of order and purpose. Whenever you start feeling the symptoms of stress and depression, don’t hesitate to seek attention from a trusted health-care provider.