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Patient Reviews

Your [Nurse] was really wonderful, it was a pleasure to work with her. Everything she did was phenomenal; from her personality, to her technique and it was wonderful to watch her work. My situation could have been much different if I didn’t have Sunshine’s help with setting up my infusion and [The Nurse’s] assistance with administering the IV. I cannot thank Sunshine enough for everything. I really appreciate Sunshine and will definitely be telling my friends about this agency” -J.B (October 2020)
G.A. –  March 2020. Iwona is so wonderful!  When I came home I couldn’t even get off of the couch, Now I can get up and down with my walker by myself.  She is and has done everything to get me on my feet.  You guys are really great!

 C.B. – May 2019.  I want to thank you for all of your wonderful clinicians. Your physical therapist is amazing. Without your services my mother would never have gotten back to her old self.

 W.L.-  June 2019  I think of your therapists and nurses often, that came into my home and helped me get back on my feet.  Please tell them all how much I appreciate who they are and what they do.

 Staff was professional and friendly. Without their exceptional skills, I would not have made the progress that I have. I would recommend Sunshine to all my family and friends who require in home therapy”-M. B (2019)

The nurses and therapist’s caring for me were excellent, I am very lucky to have these clinicians involved in my care” -E.S (2018)

While all the other therapists who have worked with me [outpatient and in rehab] were caring and good at their job, none have equaled Sunshine Home Health’s physical therapist, I am grateful for all her efforts on my behalf and I have great confidence in everything she has recommended to me” -E.F (2016)

 Staff was in contact with my Dr. regularly and others to ensure my well being” -J.W (2014)