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As the pandemic Covid-19 continues to threaten the whole world, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps on reminding us to always observe social distancing in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Unfortunately, while social distancing can help curb the spreading of the virus, it can also negatively affect the lives of many people especially the seniors. 

According to a study conducted by The University of Manchester and Swansea University, social distancing can trigger anxiety and depression. During trying times such as this pandemic, it is crucial for people to get support from the people close to them. Below are the simple ways to connect with your loved ones while social distancing.

  • Reach out digitally

The pandemic has made the use of social media increasingly popular. It allows you to remain connected with your family and friends despite the distance. You can use Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Google Meet, FaceTime or Create a Room on Facebook. Even a simple post on your favorite social media platform will be enough to build a connection with your loved ones. 

  • Get on a movie date online

Staying at home and not being able to go out as frequently as you used to is the perfect time to be a couch potato and watch your favorite movie with your relatives… this time, virtually. The Oculus Virtual Reality has devices that offer online movie theater that you can freely watch. You just need to have an oculus device, then discuss with your friends the movie that you like to watch, and presto! You can have your movie marathon virtually.

  • Attend online classes together

If you can’t go out and meet your family and friends during the pandemic, then at least be productive. Use this pandemic as your opportunity to learn new things by joining online classes. You can take refresher courses to brush up your old skills or learn something new. You can also give your old yoga workout partners a ping and enroll together in a yoga class online. Most of the yoga studios and schools have opened up online classes in response to the “new normal” brought by the pandemic.

  • Write your love ones a letter

Bring back the good ol’ days by sending your loved ones a letter or a card to catch up with them. Share with them your ways of coping up with the pandemic and your future plans once the pandemic is over. You can even include a photo in your letter to send them positive vibes.

  • Make a phone call

The easiest and most effective way to connect with your loved ones while social distancing is to give them a phone call. The best thing about phone calls is that you will be able to hear their voices. Sometimes, even just hearing the voice of your loved ones is enough to ease any worries and send your love to them.