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The fear of the unknown has put the world to a lot of risks. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the entire world has experienced a change of life. The world was in much chaos and people are in a panic – especially the older group as they fear for their health. Labeled as a pandemic, anyone can get infected with coronavirus but there are certain groups of people who are more at risk such as seniors and those with underlying health conditions.

Home Health Care

Seniors are at risk to COVID-19 because they have weaker immune systems, not to mention, most of them are suffering from certain medical conditions. There is no known vaccine for coronavirus yet but the world is slowly getting back to its usual activities. Most businesses are now open and people are allowed to go out but are required to do preventative measures such as wearing masks, maintain social distancing and frequent hand sanitization. As the economy reopens, seniors are now inquiring about home health care.

The term home care and home health may sound the same but they are not. Home care provides non-clinical help for seniors who are in need of companionship while home health offers medical assistance. Also, home health is covered by Medicare or any private insurance while with home care, you need to pay out of your pocket for its fees.

Home health care provides clinical and medical supervision by a licensed professional such as registered nurses, therapist or whatever type of medical supervision you may require. This type of care is advised by a doctor as part of senior health care after an individual is hospitalized or injured. This type of service includes:

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Medical tests
  • Health status monitoring
  • Wound care
  • Prescription medications

Who is Eligible for Home Health Care?

Home health care provides care for seniors but who can get benefits from it? If you are a senior recently discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, you can avail of this type of home care. Those elderly people who are required to be monitored closely due to a recent medication change or those people who have fragile health that prevents them from traveling to get to their doctor. Generally, seniors who need assistance with their daily activities can avail of this home health care especially those that just recovered from an illness, injury or hospital stay. Home health care is a type of home care offered by facilities that provide home care services. 

The Care That You Need

Home health care aims to give your loved ones the highest quality of life possible. It wants to give vulnerable people the safety, security, and independence that they want to have while managing their ongoing medical condition. Home health care allows you to recover from an illness from the comfort of your home. As a result, your loved one will become happier while receiving care and support in their most vulnerable state.