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More than 50 million Americans are seniors or aged 65 years old and above; while more than half of the adults are living with disabilities. Unfortunately, these percentages are increasing slowly every year. As of today, more than 65 million Americans are trying to balance their time from their work, their family, and caring for aging or ill family members.

While it is nice to be there and give back to your family, it not always easy to juggle everything. Caring for an aging or ill family member demands a lot of time and it would be nice to have someone to assist you with it. When it comes to professional health care assistance, getting home health care is the answer to this. Home health care services offer a wide range of benefits to the patient as well as to the family members. Here are the 10 benefits that a patient can get from home healthcare.

Prevents hospital readmission due to fall accidents
The risk of falls is high for patients who have undergone surgeries as their homes aren’t designed to meet the needs of their sudden ailment or surgery. Home healthcare will be able to prevent hospital readmission from happening.

Provides support to activities of daily living (ADLs)
Some patients will find it hard to perform the day to day tasks that they are used to including personal care. Home healthcare provides assistance to grooming, bathing, and others if needed while preserving the dignity of the patients.

Helps you maintain proper diet and nutrition
One thing that needs extra attention when caring for an aging or ill family member is to make sure that they will get the nutrition they need. It is important that the diet and nutrition they get while at the hospital or nursing facility will continue at home for fast recovery.

Provides skilled nursing care at your own home
While some patients are already used to hospital care, there are also some who don’t feel comfortable when they are not in their homes. Home healthcare features skilled nursing care at the comfort of your home and is supervised and delivered by licensed nurses that are all knowledgeable in the field.

Assist in prescription medication management
If all of the family members have a day job to attend to, it would be hard for them to monitor medication prescribed to the patient. Home healthcare will make sure that the prescribed medicine will be taken by the patient at the right time.

Personalized support and care
Another benefit of home healthcare is that the care to be given to the patient is customized to his or her medical needs. They will also assess the condition of your home and will give you suggestions on how you can remodel it so that it will be more accessible and safer for the patient.

Provides rehabilitation therapy
Patients who had undergone surgery will be needing physical therapy. Instead of going to a rehabilitation center every now and then to get therapy, why not have it at home? This way, it will be more convenient and less stressful for the patient; thus, increasing the chances of a faster recovery.

Allows you to be independent
It is part of our human nature that we do not show others that we are struggling, and patients do that. They do not want to burden their family by showing them that they are having a hard time even on their personal hygiene. With home healthcare, patients will be given enough assistance so they can continue doing their day to day activities as independently as possible

Staying at home due to aging or from trying to recover from your illness can be boring and depressing. When the patient is receiving care at home, the family members will be there most of the time to accompany them. Aside from that, it would be easier for friends and relatives to pay them a visit than when they are at the hospital.

More affordable than hospital care
According to, the average cost of hospital stay per day can reach up to $15,000 or more. This amount can hurt a lot especially to families with limited budgets.