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In the time of COVID-19, the future is unknown and this understandably makes people uncomfortable. A lot of us are afraid of the unknown and are grieving for a loss of their daily routine. The things they once enjoyed are now inaccessible to them. Things are hard during this time but it can be harder for elderly or senior citizens. Elderly people are more at risk to COVID-19 virus thus they are advised to stay indoors at all times. When they contract COVID-19, they have a higher risk of developing severe symptoms and illnesses.

What can you do?

Elderly people are vulnerable – physically and mentally. They get stressed and get sick easily. That is why they need care the most. During this pandemic, elderly people may get stressed with the change of routine causing them to feel down. Not to mention, elderly people are vulnerable emotionally – they can become depressed over small things, how much more over a change of lifestyle and the fear of the unknown? During this difficult time, it is important that you extend your support to your elderly loved ones.

Before you take care of someone else, make sure that you check with yourself first. Check if you are keeping yourself well and healthy. You cannot care for someone else if you are not caring for yourself first or worse, it’s impossible to give support if you become infected yourself. Therefore, it is important that you wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds and keep your home clean by disinfecting regularly. 

How to support the elderly?

COVID-19 makes us realize that not being there for the people you love could be a sign of love. Ironic, isn’t it? When you are not face to face or near your elderly loved ones, you are actually doing them a favor. Maintaining a safe social distance is strongly advised – most especially for elderly people who have a higher chance of contracting the virus. So, in order to still support your elderly loved ones stay in touch using the internet.

It is important that you stay in constant communication with your elderly loved ones during this pandemic. Fortunately, the internet is a good platform where you can stay connected and check up on one another without being physically present. For elderly people who are not tech-savvy, a phone call can be the best alternative for video chats and calls. Staying connected can provide your elderly loved ones the much needed social interaction while keeping yourself informed with their health and healthcare needs.

You can also send them care packages that contain things they need such as nonperishable items, games, books, pet foods if they have pets, toilet papers and hand sanitizers. Elderly people are confined inside their homes so they have limited access to these things. You can make them feel love by sending them these things right to their doorsteps. 

In these times when the world seems to be busy fighting the unknown, it’s easier to take for granted our elderly who actually are the people who need care and support the most.