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People who have encountered an injury have realized how difficult it is to live a normal life, especially if they have been badly injured on it. Fortunately, your loved ones are not just the ones who can help you recover from the injury – occupational therapy can help you too. 

Occupational therapy is a therapy known to help people who have been injured so they can regain the ability to work and live a normal life again. Today, occupational therapy is also used not just for people with injuries, but as well as for elder people who wish to regain their ability to do everyday tasks such as reading, recalling information and doing daily routines. Occupational therapists are well trained and knowledgeable in assisting patients to reach their goal of living a quality life as independent individuals. 

 A Safer Home Environment

Occupational therapy for helping the patient navigate their home environment is crucial. For elder patients, it’s a common scenario when they lose their sense of mobility. It’s harder for them to walk easily – the same thing with people suffering from injuries that somehow affect their mobility too. With occupational therapy, your home will be modified according to how it would suit your needs and help you perform your daily activities as much as possible. Safety features will be installed all throughout the area to ensure your safety in everything you do.  This includes handrails, grab bars and ramps. 

The good thing about occupational therapy at home is that it focuses on client-centered inventions in order for the patient to attain independence faster, improved health, and prevent further injuries within their own environment. Another popular benefit of occupational therapy is the improvement of health and mental restoration. Some senior citizens would want to stay in their homes and somehow maintain a form of independence which they will not get when they live in a home for the aged. With occupational therapy, a patient will be taught how to stay active and maintain a healthy diet. As a result, seniors will experience improved health. Occupational therapy also urges the patient to change their lifestyle to a healthy one and help them overcome the fears to get the best benefits of having improved overall health. 

Furthermore, it helps people restore their mental capacity. With aging, comes the challenge of experiencing mental block and reduced mental capacity. Fortunately, occupational therapy helps patients retain their mental power through effective techniques such as mental exercises. 

Occupational therapy will help patients safely navigate their home. With the assistance of an occupational therapist, the parts of your home that can be modified to improve your mobility and navigation will be identified. You can continue enjoying a quality life and at the same time, you can also prevent complications caused by injuries or aging.