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Christmas and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and for most families; these are also the time where they could reunite with their loved ones. The holiday season is a joyous time but it can be a stressful time too, especially if you are caring for an ill or an aging family member.  

When you are caring for an aging adult or a sick family member, Christmas or Thanksgiving can be even more stressful since it would mean additional tasks such as preparing for your guests’ arrival and making your home as comfortable as possible. However, it doesn’t mean you should not feel happy and celebrate the holiday season – after all, you need a break and holidays are just the perfect time to get that well-deserved break. Here are ways about alleviating holiday stress for family caregivers that you can follow:

  • Keep it simple

As much as you would want to put your best foot forward in terms of decorations and itineraries, you are no longer capable of this since most of your time and energy is already taken in caring for your ill or aging family member. Instead of making the celebration grand, make everything simple yet memorable. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

  • Talk with your ill or aging loved one

Make the celebration enjoyable for everyone, including the aging and ill family members. When planning for a Christmas or Thanksgiving get together with your whole family and friends, talk to the family member you are caring for. Then modify your activities in such a way that it can cater to his or her needs too. If you do this, you will never be as stressed as you thought you would because you are giving them a chance to enjoy the celebration on their own too.

  • Split the chores

You are not superman, and you wouldn’t be able to do everything single-handedly especially while caring for a family member. If you could split the chores with your family members, then why not? Your kids and other younger family members can handle the cleaning and putting up the decorations.

  • Take good care of yourself too

You always took care of your family members; you know their needs and have provided it to them. But, have you also taken care of your health and well-being too? You may have so much on your plate, but always give time for yourself. Remember, a lot of people are relying on you getting in the middle of the season shouldn’t be part of the plan. Take it slow; try to take a walk when you have something to buy at the school in the corner instead of taking your car. Or enjoy a “me-time” when your senior or ill loved one is asleep.

  • Don’t expect too much

You may have prepared for everything and believed it to be in perfect condition. Remember, Christmas and Thanksgiving are meant to share with the whole family, get together, and create new memories. Perfect or not, your decorations and others shouldn’t hinder you in having fun with the rest of your family and friends.

This holiday season, do not let stress prevent you from enjoying the most wonderful time of the year – learn how to alleviate stress and enjoy the moment.