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Home Health Care Agency in Alexandria VA

Whether you are looking for a home health aide in Alexandria VA for an elderly family member or for your loved one who has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness, Sunshine Home Healthcare has the right people for that. As a home health care agency, we have long years of experience in the healthcare industry and servicing cities like Alexandria and its surrounding areas. We have a team of licensed healthcare experts, professional nurses and health aides that are trained to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare services to our patients. Our in-house case management team in Alexandria VA always sees to it that our healthcare professionals provide nothing but services with the highest standards.

Medical Social Work Arlington VA

Medical Social Work

Medical social work in Alexandria VA is a type of service offered to give assistance and support to the patient and their family. They play an important role in helping the patient and their family in navigating the medical system, assessing the patient and the family members, and monitoring their mental and emotional health. They can also provide short term counseling. Sunshine Home Healthcare located in Alexandria VA is a Medicare-certified medical social worker and at-home care.

Occupational Therapy Arlington VA

Occupational Therapy Alexandria VA

Sunshine Home Healthcare provides home care treatment and rehabilitation services to families in Alexandria and surrounding areas. We have a team of licensed professionals that deliver state of the art at-home services that will hasten your recovery regardless of the cause of your condition. Our main goal is to help you function and move as independently as possible through our series of treatments and rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy Arlington VA
Physical therapy Arlington VA

Physical Therapy in Alexandria VA

We aim to provide state of the art at home healthcare services as well as develop a connection to the patients and their families to be able to understand the patient’s pain; enabling us to fully create a treatment plan that meets their needs. We will evaluate your condition through your family history as well as a series of physical exams; then we will create short-term and long-term plans of care personally made for you and your needs. Moreover, we will help you manage your pain and prevent further injuries.